Splash Resistant Cotton Clutch Brown and Blue
  • Splash Resistant Cotton Clutch Brown and Blue

    SKU: CTS1522

    These handmade purses is made to match your simple yet stylish preference.
    These wallets or handbags can be your Christmas Gift Ideas or an anniversary gifts.


    Slipped it under your arm or in hand as ideal evening accessory or daily wear.
    The compact wallet make you feel easier to carry your make-up and other daily essentials.
    Inner side is made of soft valvet and strong batting to protect your belongings. 


    It is splash resistant!!




    ♥ Handmade item
    ♥ Material: Splash resistant cotton
    ♥ Measures: 28 cm. long x 16.5 cm. Wide 
    ♥ Zipper closure on top
    ♥ Shipping Worldwide from Thailand
    ♥ Weight 100 gram
    *** Leather Strap is an option. Sold seperately****